Australian Facts from Adventures Beyond

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Wanna go for a vacation? Here are some of the reasons and interesting facts why you should visit Australia!

1) Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, occupying 7.6 million square kilometres.

2) We have the world's 3rd largest ocean territory, spanning 3 oceans and covering approximately 12 million square kilometres.

3) The vegetation in Australia covers nearly 7 million square kilometres which equates to 91 percent of Australia.

4)  Melbourne, Victoria has the largest Greek population in the world outside of Athens, Greece.

5) Australia has exotic flora and fauna, most of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

6) 'Dream Time' is the foundation for tens of thousands of years and this includes spiritual aboriginal art, traditions, legends, myths, folklore and culture

7) Australia has amazing ecosystems with unique flora and fauna.  This includes pristine rainforest, ancient rock formations and beautiful beaches.

8) The national emblem of Australia is the wattle.  This was adopted as the national floral emblem in 1912.

9) Australia has 16 world heritage listed sites.   The sites include historic townships, cities and landscapes.

10) More than 80% of Australia's popluation live within 100 kilometres of the coast.  This makes Australia one of the world's most urbanized coastal dwelling populations.

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Happy travels.  Luke