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a scenic view of the Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock Tours with Luke

I have travelled on the panoramic Ayers Rock when I had those affordable Ayers Rock tours many times in my life.  Since 1998, I have been travelling around Australia on many adventures, many of which included going to Ayers Rock otherwise known as Uluru.

Ayers Rock is an absolutely amazing place, the sheer size and look of it against the arid desert landscape is breathtaking and well-worth. Ayers Rock Tours depart from Alice Springs, or they can start from the Yulara airport and are generally for 3-5 days and also include the Olgas / Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon.  All 3 places are highlights of the area and must see if you are contemplating doing Ayers Rock Tours.

There is much discussion around climbing Uluru on your Ayers Rock Tours.  The local aboriginal people ask you not to climb it and I would recommend that you adhere to their wishes.  It is a sacred place to them and they inhabited Australia well before we did.

Around Uluru, the landscape is desert-like, there is spinifex everywhere, low lying bush and the occassional tree.  The sand is red and the sky is filled with millions of stars at night.  There is no better experience than an excellent day for a tour in Ayers Rock followed by a lovely meal, toasting a marshmallow on the campfire while sharing stories with other travellers and then lying in your swag looking at a sky full of stars.  These moments are what make our Ayers Rock Tours special and memorable.

If you are coming to Australia and you have the time, you just have to add Ayers Rock Tours to your itinerary.

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to help.

Happy travels.