Blues Fest Byron Bay 2013 with Vickie

learn to surf in South Australia

Just recently, I was lucky enough to get across to the Bluesfest & I survived the trip!

Flying & Camping can be a tricky mix but we were well underweight & so excited to go! On arrival to the Airport, we were advised our flight was delayed 2 hours which meant missing the connecting bus from Coolengatta to Byron & arriving to the Bluesfest after the gates were closed.  So we had to set up our tent in the carpark for the night & move location the next morning! Great start!

After packing up our gear, checking in & doing the big lug, we found a perfect campsite just waiting for our arrival, overlooking the Tea Trees. Yay! finally something going our way!  The Bluefest is indeed one of the most unforgettable Australia adventure tours I experienced.  Really amazing.

Time to check out the Festival! What an amazing line up this year, with amazing artists and massive crowds!  My top three highlights are;

Iggy - where I made it into the mosh pit & had to quickly back pedal out as I’m not really up for crowd surfing!  He was amazing & let about 30 of the crowd up on stage! Shouldn’t have back pedalled!!

Cat Empire – good vibes & always guaranteed to get the party started!

Xavier – OMG! With his kids & indigenous crew up on stage, the beautiful spiritual nature flowed across the crowd!

There were so many more, Santana, Jimmy Cliff, Snowdroppers, Kim Churchill, Buskers…to name a few! Just difficult to see them all & get from stage to stage (especially in the rain) but at least, we were prepared with our gum boots & ponchos!

We took the bus into Byron each morning for a swim.  The beach was filled with surfers most days as conditions were generally off shore winds & clean waves.  Awesome spot for passionate surfer!  We shopped & checked out buskers with so much on, you could just walk the streets for entertainment! It was one of the most amazing destinations in South Australia that we really enjoyed.

The weather was mostly perfect, but after a few days of rain, 6 nights of camping & 5 days of Festival, it was time to head back home, exhausted but moved by so many beautiful people!  I will cherish this experience & highly recommend going to Byron if you can!