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Kakadu is one of the greatest tour destination in Australia.  There are 2 distinct seasons - the wet season in Australia's Summer and the Dry season in Australia's winter.

Now most people head to Kakadu, Darwin and Litchfield from May to September when the weather is nice and not too hot, it is the dry season and you can visit all the waterfalls etc and everything is open.  In the wet season (November to March) a lot of the waterfalls have too much water so they are closed and everywhere is soaking wet making camping a little less enjoyable.

Kakadu has lots of wildlife, obviously there are crocodiles in their natural environment and all the tours do their best to see these.  Just last night I saw a documentary about Australian crocodile leather being exported to France and the hand bags selling for $60,000 or more - the Australian crocodile leather is considered the best leather in the world.  The yellow water cruises are fantastic and a great way to see the wildlife up close and personal.

The top end has lots of amazing sights apart from Kakadu, including Litchfield where you can swim with out fear of saltwater crocodiles and the waterfalls are amazing.  There are huge termite mounds (standing metres into the air) and the scenery is beautiuful.

Darwin has brilliant markets, and there is a fantastic sailing cruise you can do at sunset on the Darwin harbour. Certainly, taking tours from Darwin is a must-have in your list.

There is also the Kimberley - but I might leave that for another post!

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