Kakadu Tours from Darwin

stunning view at Kakadu

Have you ever been to kakadu?

Kakadu tours from Darwin are amazing!  I first when to Kakadu with my parents in 1989 and it has changed alot since then!  It is more well known and publicised - but is is still one of Australia's ultimate places to visit.  In 1999 I revisited Kakadu on my own when travelling around Australia, and the years after in my travels as a tour guide was lucky enough to to this area again.

Kakadu is a large national park, it has cool wildlife like crocodiles, kangaroo's, buffalo, bird life, emus and more.  As you drive to the park you will see large termite mounds and amazing scenery.  Doing Kakadu tours from Darwin will not bring disappointment, and that's an assurance.

Kakadu has lots of waterfalls, bushwalks, waterholes and awesome places to camp.  You could stay here for weeks exploring the place, looking at ancient aboriginal artwork and camping out under a million stars.

Now 1 day tours do not do Kakadu justice - so I would suggest our 2 day or one of our 3 day / 2 night kakadu Tours from Darwin as your best option.

As always - any questions please let me know as I am more than happy to help in any way I can.

Happy travels,