Kangaroo Island Tour Day 1

Pennington Bay at Kangaroo Island


I was picked up at 5.45 from my hotel on Hindley St, Doug was a little early but he was just waiting outside for me. He was very friendly and we had a big chat on the way to pick the others up. We were very excited to experience the Kangaroo Island tour.

The weather wasn’t great but it was only early, so we finished our pickups in the city which was very easy and we were on the road in no time. Doug was very informative and let everyone know what was going on for the day and also let everyone know any significant landmarks we went past.

After making a quick stop at the Yankalilla Bakery for some breakfast, we made our way to the ferry.

Whilst we were waiting for the Ferry, Doug played a name game with all of us. We had to say our name and then something that rhymed with our name. I found this very helpful as I was the only English Speaker on the bus.

The ferry was a bit rough but very enjoyable.

Once we got to the other side ,we packed the new bus, got some supplies from the shop and off we went.

Our first stop was Pennington Bay and luckily the rain had slowed right down by now. The bay was beautiful; Doug gave us the history about the bay and gave us some good photo time.

It was still very cold but Doug took us for a very lovely walk along a nice beach and we had some good photos and he also taught us about some real bush tucker while we were there.

We then made our way to Seal Bay were we had lunch just around the corner, then headed to see the Seal Colony with the Ranger. This was very interesting and we got to get really close to the seals being with the ranger. I also found some sleeping under the steps on the way back up. How awesome!

We then had a little while to drive to get to the iconic Flinders Chase National Park where we drove through the beautiful surroundings and went to the Remarkable Rocks, Cape De Coudic Lighthouse and Admirals Arch. We spent a good time taking photos and checking out the surroundings.

It was about 4.00pm and everyone was getting a little tired so we headed to our accommodation, found our rooms and relaxed till dinner was ready.

Dinner was wonderful - BBQ Chicken, vegetables and rice, very handy seeing we had about 5 boys eating like it was going out of fashion.

The Accommodation was lovely; I especially liked the feel of the semi-outside bathroom that it gives a nice country feels.