Weather on Kangaroo Island

Koala at Kangaroo Island

WINTER - June - August

Winter is spectacular with lush green countryside, flowing rivers and abundant wildlife: it's Kangaroo Island at its most appealing. Land mammals, predominantly night, dawn and dusk feeders for most of the year, frequently come out by day. Besides, these affordable Kangaroo Island tours will make your tour complete.

  • Koalas emerge from the mother's pouch and begin to ride on her back.
  • Kangaroo and wallaby joeys start to emerge from the mother's pouch and feed by her side.
  • Echidnas form 'mating trains' where up to eight males will follow a female for around four weeks.
  • Waders, on their migration from Siberia, begin to arrive.
  • Ospreys show off to their mates in spectacular courtship fights.
  • Southern right whales pass the shores on their migration from Antarctic waters to the Great Australian Bight to calve. 

The average temperature is around 15 degrees celsius - but don't let that scare you off as the wildlife is at its best and the days are normally amazing - just remember to bring a jacket!

Happy travels.