London Bridge - Great Ocean Road Tours from Melbourne

great ocean view from our tour adventure

London Arch formerly known as London Bridge

On my recent tour to the Grampians and Great Ocean Road we stopped in for photo opportunity of a spectacular formation of the coast line called the London Arch, it is a natural arch formation made by erosion and wild weather. The Arch used to be connected to the coastline then being known as London Bridge due to similarities to the London Bridge in the UK.

January 1990 the Arch broke away from the mainland coastline leaving 2 tourist stuck on the arch later to be rescued by a helicopter.

You can walk down 86 steps to the beach below to be towered by the 70m high vertical cliff line, London Arch is located 7 km West of Port Campbell on the start of the Great ocean Road.

Our Great Ocean Road Tours from Melbourne visit the London Bridge - it is amazing to see an icon of the Great Ocean Road.