The Grampians - Mackenzie Falls, Victoria Australia

great ocean adventure with friends

The Grampians - Mackenzie Falls, on our 3 day 2 night Great Ocean Road and Grampians Adventure

After the 276 steps down to Mackenzie Falls I think it was the best 276 steps I have ever taken. The different views of the Waterfall and surrounding country on the way down are to die for. We were lucky to have come at a time were the water fall was running and the plants and surroundings were beautiful and green. It took a while for everyone to get down but when we did we all just sat on the other side of the water fall (which you can get to if your super careful) and took in the view and had nice rest before we walked 276 steps back up. If you like to take beautiful photos while you’re away this is an ideal spot you will get a picture perfect moment in the amazing Great Ocean Road tours anytime of the year.

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Keep Adventuring - Layla.