The Nullarbor - Tours of Australia

a great white shark seen in Nullarbor

I have had the pleasure of crossing the Nullarbor around 4 times (over and back twice).  The Nullarbor is an amazing journey - if you need to do some soul searching, need time to reflect or would like to be deep in thought, this trip is great for offering time behind the wheel to solve the world's problems! Aside from these, there are many more reasons why you should need to visit Nullarbor and you must see it for yourself.

Contrary to many beliefs, there are a lot to see between Perth and Adelaide. The Eyre Peninsula is spectacular with its amazing coastlines, seal colonies and sights.  You can even swim with Seal Lions, Great White Sharks and Blue Fin Tuna out of Port Lincoln.  There are many great country pubs, and quirky local characters.

Between Ceduna and the Western Australia border, the Nullarbor cliffs are amazing and there are also caves along the way to explore.

In West Australia - visiting the south west is a must.  Towns such as Albany, Margaret River and the like are amazing and the National Parks are spectacular.  Of course dont forget the Wave Rock!

If you have the time - book your Australian tours today and visit Nullarbor, you will never be dissapointed!

Happy travels, Luke