Travelling in Australia

Ayers Rock in Australia

Travelling to Australia - it is awesome!

Australia is a great place to travel - Admittedly I do live here - but I do know what I am talking about as for a period of 4 years, I drove around our great land in my trusty 4-wheel drive.   These years were some of the best years of my life.  I met great people, I had excellent adventures and I learnt alot about the country and myself.  It was on my travels - between Darwin and Cairns that I did in fact get the urge to start this tour company!  As I travelled, I used to put up notices in hostels and see if fellow travellers would like to share the costs of petrol and share an adventure - and on this one adventure, the travellers that joined me (1 Israel guy and 2 British girls) were having a great time and said to me around the campfire - you should start a tour company!  A few years later I did and as they say the rest is history.

Australia is a huge place - and if you can - I would definitely advice you to take a 12-month working holiday - as when you work, you get to meet locals, you really experience Australian culture and you will have a good amount of time to really see what Australia has to offer.

Most of my travels I spent on the coast chasing the surf - however I did also go right throughout the centre of Australia as well.  Uluru and the Centre is breathtaking and provides me with a life long memory.  As I travelled around - I had many jobs - one of which was being a cameleer in the outback.  We would take expeditions across the Australian deserts for sometimes up to 45+ days with camels.  I can proudly say I have walked across the Simpson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert and more.  This job enabled me to really experience the Australian outback and see some crazy things - as we explored some parts of the desert that to my knowledge have never been visited by the white man.

One of my other jobs was driving boats into the flooded Lake Eyre - Australia's largest lake.  The Lake only floods every 20 years as a general rule, so I was lucky enough to take tours there in 2000 and 2002.  On our boat trips - I was also lucky enough to do some exploring North of Birdsville in the flooded Georgina River - and we were the first group to ever try and get down the Georgina River - unfortunately, we couldnt make it due to the river breaking out into flood plains making it too shallow to pass.  What an amazing adventure still though.

In Western Australia, I also had the amazing experience of driving a tour down the Canning Stock Route - one of the remotest tracks in the world.  We were in search of rare bird sightings.  This area is so remote - you have to take everything with you including spares for most things that can break in vehicle - it is amazing being that far out into the middle of nowhere.

I have hundreds of Australia travel stories - and plan to tell them all in time so check out future blog posts.  In the meantime - if you are thinking about travelling and taking an unforgettable Australia tours, then dont hesitate - just get over here and do it.

Happy travels - Luke!