Which backpack to take to Australia?

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Today I reviewed the Berghaus Jalan II which is believed to be the #1 backpacking bag available.

The Berghaus Jalan comes in handy 60-65lt versions and zips almost all the way open like a suitcase for easy access, the Jalan also comes with a detachable day sack which can be used as a hydration pack with the right accessories. The bag itself is very nifty with zip away straps good whilst in transit; there are loops on the ends of the zips so you can lock up your belongings and also a pocket for a rain cover to attach. 

There are 2 extras on this bag that you won’t find on another backpacking bag –

  • Hidden pocket at the bottom of the bag good for passports, cash personal belongings.
  • Internal bag for laundry, shoes anything you don’t want on your clothes.

Having a comfortable and durable backpack is a must if you are planning to have an amazing Australia adventure tours. I hope you found our Backpacking bag review handy.  

Keep Adventuring! Layla