Footprints Across Red Earth – Amazing Journeys to Ayers Rock

sandboarding activity during Ayers Rock tours

Footprints Across Red Earth – Amazing Journeys to Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock (or Uluru) is situated in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.  If you visit Australia, this is one destination that you will not forget. 

As one of the most unique geological formations on the planet, we share with you how you can create your own footprints across red earth with amazing journeys to Ayers Rock.

“This rock is certainly the most wonderful natural feature I have ever seen"

 – William Gosse, the first European explorer to see Ayers Rock (1873)


The attractions of Ayers Rock and surrounding areas

One of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, Ayers Rock (Uluru) is an imposing red sandstone formation that stuns visitors with its natural beauty and indigenous heritage.

The surrounding area is home to animals included in our unique Australian animal adventure tours including frogs, reptiles and bats.  Waterholes, springs and ancient caves adorned with Aboriginal paintings are immersed in this landscape of natural and spiritual significance.

Best tours to Ayers Rock

Tourists today are internet-savvy and conduct research on package tours and companies.  So, how do you find the best tours without trawling the internet for hours?

Our company, Adventures Beyond, is helping save your time and money searching for top packages to Ayers Rock and surrounding areas. 

The guides on the tours are experts in the region, and will take you on a journey where you will learn about this unique destination in an authentic, down-to-earth Australian way. 

We understand that every traveller has different needs

Adventures Beyond appreciate that all travellers are different, so we offer a range of touring options to visit Ayers Rock – three, four, five, six or ten-day durations.

Our 3-day itineraries are value for money, and give you a glimpse into Outback life.

The 4-day tour is a great adventure with accommodation in safari tents after visiting breathtaking Ayers Rock, The Olgas (Kata Tjuta), Kings Canyon and the Western MacDonnell Ranges.

A 5-day 4WD package is perfect to experience the true Australian Outback – imagine yourself off-road on red dirt cattle tracks, admiring the George Gill Ranges during a sunset camp fire, or learning about the history of the land at a traditional Aboriginal community.

Travelling via mini bus, our 6-day tour from Alice Springs to Adelaide (also available in reverse from Adelaide to Alice Springs) shows you the beauty of the Kings Canyon, the opal mining town of Coober Pedy and sunset and sunrise at Ayers Rock. Experience the smell of the red gum trees at bush camp in the Flinders Ranges, and sample Australian wines at a Clare Valley winery near Adelaide. Watch out for kangaroos and emus on the way!

The 10-day 4WD tour is aimed at travellers with a spark for true adventure. It encompasses roughing it in true Outback style with thermal hot springs, cooking over camp fires, visiting Aboriginal communities and sleeping under the vast Australian skies.  If you prefer luxury, this isn’t a tour for you! 

Four quick facts about Ayers Rock

1. The sandstone rock is actually grey, but the process of oxidation gives the surface the red rust colour.

2. Ayers Rock often appears to change colour dependent on the variation in light during the day.  The famous red hue is most noticeable at dawn and dusk, so choose a tour which capitalizes on these times of day to visit.

3. The rock has deep spiritual significance to the traditional owners (the Anangu people) and if you are a commercial film maker, photographer or artist you require permission first.

4. It stands 348 metres (1,142 feet) above the desert.  In comparison, the Sydney Opera House is just 65 metres (213 feet) high.

Are you ready to leave your own footprints across red earth? Book your expert guided tour with Adventures Beyond today to have your amazing Ayers Rock tours now.