Kata Tjuta Information - Facts about Kata Tjuta /The Olgas

panoramic view of the Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta (formally known as The Olgas) are an Australia landmark located right near Uluru / Ayers Rock.

There were 12 different walks that wind through the valleys and gorges between the rocky domes.   Due to Aboriginal ceremonies, safety issues and the fragile environment there are now only 2 walks available.  Not only is most of the area closed off to white people, it is also closed to most Aboriginal people that do not have business there.  Only those that are inducted and have the necessary level of access are allowed to certain places as specified by the cultural law, Tjukurpa.

Kata Tjuta has 36 steep moneliths which like their famous landmark next door Uluru, look best at sunset and sunrise.

The Olgas are 460km South west of Alice Springs by Road in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.  They are around 53 kilometres from iconic Ayers Rock itself.

The main walks in Kata Tjuta are the Walpa Gorge Walk which is 1hour / 2.6km and the other walk which is more challenging is the Valley of the Winds Walk which is 7.4km and takes around 3 hours.  This is the walk we most often do on our memorable Ayers Rock Tours.  Be sure to take drinking water, wear good walking shoes and try to do the walk early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat.  The walking trail is small, there are steep sections but it is rewarding with the views spiritual feeling most experience being here.

Kata Tjuta is also some times referred to as Kata Joota and is also known as Mt Olga.  The highest point is 1,086metres above sea level, and around 546metres above the surrounding plain.  This is actually higher than Uluru which is around 350 metres above the plain.

The Olgas were named by European explorer Ernest Giles in 1872.  In 1993 the real name of Kata Tjuta was reintroduced to the maps and tourism trails. This Australian tour will certainly capture every moments as you experienced that beautiful place of Australia.

Estimated to be over 500million years old, Kata Tjuta is a must see on any red centre tour in Australia.

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