Why You Should Visit Port Lincoln : The Seafood Capital of Australia

great white shark in Australia

Situated on the fringe of Boston Bay, 650 kilometres by road or 45 minutes via air from Adelaide, Port Lincoln is a perfect base to explore the surrounding coast and Eyre Peninsula.

The town was discovered by British navigator and explorer Matthew Flinders, who named it after his native Lincolnshire in England.

We summarize some great reasons why Adventures Beyond includes this coastal town on many of our Australia tours and packages.

Seafood capital of Australia

Port Lincoln is home to Australia’s largest commercial fishing fleet and there is also a growing aquaculture industry with farming of tuna, kingfish, oysters, abalone and mussels.

If you love seafood, Port Lincoln is the place to try ocean-fresh King George whiting, Coffin Bay oysters, king prawns, sashimi tuna and Boston Bay mussels, all washed down with local South Australian wine.

If you fancy your own culinary detour, visit www.seafoodtrail.com for a guide on restaurants and places to sample the ocean’s bounty. 

You can visit the MFV ‘Tacoma’ in Port Lincoln, the first and only surviving purpose-built wooden tuna boat in Australia.

This town loves all things fishy – they even have an annual festival called ‘Tunarama Festival’ that is held in January and has amusement rides, family-friendly entertainment and firework displays.  You could chance your luck at the ‘Tuna Toss’, where entrants compete to throw a tuna the greatest distance, the record stands at 36.23 metres.

Flora and fauna

The Eyre Peninsula has over 60,000 hectares of National Park for you to explore, and birdwatchers will be kept happy with around 250 bird species to find including white-bellied sea eagles, fairy terns and rock parrots.

Watch koalas sleep in the Manna gum trees at Mikkira Station, and if you visit the area between July and October stop by Sleaford Bay where you may be lucky to glimpse migrating whales enroute to Head of Bight. 

The lower Eyre Peninsula is surrounded by Spencer Gulf and the waters of the Great Australian Bight where this mix of nutrient-rich currents results in a diversity of marine species including fish, sharks and sea lions. 

Port Lincoln was put firmly on the tourist map when some of the shark scenes for Stephen Speilberg’s JAWS blockbuster were filmed nearby, and it is the only place in Australia where you can cage dive with sharks. 

If shark cave diving is too intimidating for you, you can also swim with southern bluefin tuna or sea lions.  Our South Australia tour options give many possibilities to fit your interests and budgets.

Ample things to do in Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln has a visible fishing and maritime industry, but it has a host of other attractions and activities in the town and nearby areas to tempt tourists including:

  • Art and craft galleries with paintings, jewellery, pottery, ironworks and knits
  • 4WD off-road driving
  • Glen-Forest Farm – local animal park with walk-in bird aviary, animal encounters and picnic areas
  • Wineries
  • Nearby Lincoln National Park and Coffin Bay National Parks with sandy beaches, camping, walking trails
  • Paddleboarding and surfing
  • Sailing and diving
  • Historical museums with artefacts from pioneer days including Mill Cottage Museum, Port Lincoln Railway Museum and Koppio Smithy Museum
  • Walking trails such as the 14-kilometre long Parnkalla walking trail, and the Investigator Trail.

To discover Port Lincoln, swim with sharks or sea lions and sample fresh Australian seafood, book your tours via Adventures Beyond today.