Ten Awesome Things To Do On Your Ayers Rock Tour

sandboarding at Ayers Rock

Red. Magnificent. Iconic. Uluru — also known as Ayers Rock — stands gloriously in Uluru-Kata Tijuta National Park, in the Northern territory of central Australia. But this iconic monolith is more than just an impressive landmark. It is also considered to be sacred ground by the Aborigines. 

Uluru, which is its Aboriginal name, is a World Heritage Site. The area used to be the “home” of Aboriginal tribes some 10,000 years back. When Australia became occupied in the late 1800s the massive chunk of sandstone was renamed Ayers, after Henry Ayers, the chief secretary back then of South Australia. Because of its grandeur and history, Uluru has become a must-see destination and if you’re on your way, here are 10 awesome things to do on your Ayers Rock tour.

1. See Uluru from another vantage point.

Want an entirely different perspective of this magnificent monolith? Try a scenic helicopter ride and watch the stunning formation from the air.


2. Camp under millions of stars.

When heading to Uluru, you can’t possibly experience the tour without staying for the night — or two. Take a three-day tour and get a reputable operator so you can camp out safely and in style.


3. Explore the rock in several different ways.

Hikes and bushwalks? Sure. But why not spike the amazing adventure of the Uluru tours by exploring the area in a four-wheel ride?


4. Check out a camel farm.

Take a guided camel ride. You can choose to go at sunrise or sunset — or simply try out an express camel ride.


5. Visit with the Oak Valley Aboriginal Community.

Choose Ayers Rock tours that offer this activity and spend some time with the Aboriginal community. Discover how the Aborigines have a deep understanding of this awe-inspiring yet remote land. Learn to throw a proper boomerang. And enjoy ancient art rock paintings.


6. Try glamping.

Experience the Outback in luxurious settings, from your very own tented room — on stilts — at a resort. Make sure you’ve got a great view of Uluru from where you sleep.


7. Have a magical dinner.

Make your own bush-tucker inspired meals and pair it with the right wine. Spread out a blanket outside your tent and dine as the sun sets and Uluru’s silhouette adds a glorious ambience.


8. Head to the Cultural Centre

Learn about local Aboriginal law and their religion. Gain a deeper understanding of this ancient tribe.


9. Base walk at sunset.

Enjoy a guided walk at the base of Uluru and watch in awe as the chunk of sandstone changes colour at sunset.


10. Tour Watarrka or Kings Canyon.

This amazing tours to Ayers Rock don't just focus on the iconic Heritage Site. There are other magnificent spots in the area and Kings Canyon is one. Take the 6-kilometre walk through crevices and watch the towering walls. You get to check out the Lost City, the “Garden of Eden,” and the Amphitheatre.