6 Reasons To Visit The Litchfield National Park

couple enjoying swimming on waterfalls in their Litchfield Tour

Many tourists to the Top End have Kakadu National Park on their itinerary, and Litchfield National Park falls into second place.

However, this spectacular area located one and a half hours south of Darwin is worthy of a visit in its own right for its cultural heritage and a beautiful landscape dotted with thundering waterfalls, magnetic termite mounds, lush rainforests, cool water holes and the ‘Lost City’ (sandstone blocks and pillars).

Join us to uncover the secrets of this stunning National Park and here’s why – read our 6 Reasons To Visit The Litchfield National Park:

1.The Litchfield National Park lies approximately 130 kilometres southwest of Darwin near the town of Batchelor and covers around 1,500 square kilometres. The park’s close proximity to Darwin makes it a popular place for short tours – Adventures Beyond have a 1-Day Litchfield Tour if you are time-strapped to see this great area.

2.The Litchfield National Park has a rich landscape that ranges from sandstone plateaus to monsoon rainforests and caves and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Typical animals you may see are wallabies, brushtail possums, black and red flying foxes, dingos and birds such as rainbow bee-eaters, black kites and birds of prey. Keep a close look out for bats and spiders!

3.The Litchfield National Park is great to visit any time. During wet season, some 4WD tracks are closed and swimming waterholes are off limits after heavy rain but many facilities such as walking trails still remain open so get in touch with us and we can advise which tour best suits your needs.

4.One of the main sights in the park are termite mounds. These awesome natural structures, built by termites, are architecturally impressive comprising tunnels, chimneys, and in-built insulation – a termites’ way of camping in the harsh Aussie environment you could say! The mounds are aligned north to south to minimise the exposure to the sun. You will see many termite mounds – both magnetic (the slimmer vertical ones) and cathedral (the taller bulkier ones) - when you visit Litchfield National Park and there are accessible viewing boardwalks to admire them from a short distance.

5.If you want to visit a diverse region scattered with water features, book our Litchfield tours now. Trickling waterfalls turn to thundering cascades through the seasons, and cool waterholes are perfect for a refreshing dip. Our tours take you to some of these great locations like Wangi Falls and Buley Rockhole where you can get some photographs and swim in natural pools.

6.The Litchfield National Park has excellent viewing platforms, boardwalks and information centres so even if you aren’t inclined to get up close with the flora and fauna you can still enjoy the experience. Join us on the lookout platform at Florence Falls, or follow the easy pathway to Tolmer Falls where you may even encounter a bat!

LITCHFIELD TOURS WE SELL: We offer a 1-Day Litchfield National Park tour, or you can book a 3-Day Kakadu and Litchfield Tour.

1) Our 1-Day Litchfield Tour is great if you have limited time and want to see the park but still have time in Darwin too. A budget-friendly day trip option that includes main Litchfield attractions such as termite mounds, waterfalls and you even get to enjoy a BBQ lunch!

2) If you’re looking to combine Kakadu with Litchfield, join our 3-Day Litchfield/Kakadu Tours that cover top sights and really give you a sense of adventure with crocodile spotting, cultural experiences and camping.