8 Reasons To Visit The Nullarbor

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The name Nullarbor originates from the Latin words for nothing (nullus) and tree (arbor), and Australians affectionately call the Nullarbor ‘Nullar-boring’.


But this huge expanse of limestone desert is another one of Australia’s greatest drives and fits in perfectly in a big country that doesn’t do ‘small’. 


From remote roadhouses where truckies fuel up and stop for a break, to scrub-dotted plateaus scattered with kangaroos, the Nullarbor is an experience not to miss. This is just a reason that Australia has a lot to offer.


Many tourists to Australia skip the overland trip and fly between the east and west coasts, however we think you shouldn’t miss joining us to uncover this hidden beauty and here’s why – read our 8 Reasons To Visit The Nullarbor:


1.  The Nullarbor Plain (or Nullarbor Desert) is huge and stretches from 1200 km east to west at its furthest point.  The road is called the Eyre Highway (named for John Eyre who crossed the Nullarbor Plain in 1841). Officially, it is the section of southern land between Norseman in Western Australia and Ceduna in South Australia.  Can you imagine adding that to one epic road trip?


2.  The Nullarbor may seem uninspiring to some, however it holds a few world records regarding transport routes.  The world record for straight length of tarred road surface is awarded to the Nullarbor – that’s right, 30 km south-east of Balladonia is the ‘Ninety Mile Straight’ that heads in a straight line all the way to Caiguna – at a staggering 146.6 km of continuous straight road it makes some people hallucinate of hair-pin bends, hills and corners. The railway line also holds the longest straight section of railway in the world at 478 km.


3. If you like extreme weather conditions, then the Nullarbor is the place to be. The desert averages around 200mm rainfall per year with arid to semi-arid conditions and extreme temperatures. The days can see temperatures ranging between 25°C to a scorching 50°C and nights can be freezing.


4.  The Head of Bight and the Bunda Cliffs between June and October are the best spots along the Nullarbor for your chance to spot migrating Southern Right whales. The Head of Bight is accessible via a sealed road that leaves the highway 12 km east of Nullarbor and travels 15 km down to the coast. It crosses Yalata Aboriginal land and therefore a permit is needed (from the Yalata Roadhouse or from the ranger station at White Well, 7 km south of the highway).


5.  The Nullarbor is the perfect place to find solitude and a break from modern life.  There are roadhouses every 200 km so you aren’t completely isolated, however if you yearn from a break from rush hour traffic, night life, your daily coffee and civilisation in general this is where you should visit.


6.  The Nullarbor hosts many attractions such as the NASA Skylab exhibit at the Balladonia Roadhouse Museum, Afghan Rocks, Murrawijinie Caves, surfing at Cactus Beach, Cocklebiddy Caves (one of the longest underwater passages in the world) and the nearby Eyre Bird Observatory for bird watching where you can see rare or endangered species like wedge-tailed eagles.


7.  Due to the Nullabor’s remoteness, The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) occasionally uses the highway as an airstrip – there are 4 signs and markings along the Eyre Highway that state ‘RFDS emergency airstrip is ahead’ with an airplane icon. Any landings are always conducted by personnel located on the road itself - roadhouse staff, police, or others seconded for the purpose - so we have plenty of warning of an impending arrival. It's a rare occurrence, but it does happen!


8.  Though the Nullabor is a big, deserted region, it hosts lots of wildlife.  As well as the odd wild camel, you may see migrating Southern Right Wales (at the Head of Bight), hawks, snakes, dingos, swallows, banded stilts and herons.



You can do the drive in 4 or 5 days but a 10 Day itinerary really lets you explore the  region.


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