Kununurra Region, Bungle Bungle Ranges

Kununurra Tourism: Best of Kununurra

Kununurra means “big water“ or “meeting of big waters” in the original Aboriginal people’s language. Geological landmarks are seen in Purnululu National Park, towering orange and black striped rocks of the Bungle Bungle Range.

This rise up to 578 metres above sea level, with rich wildlife, beautiful gorges, crystal clear pools, fan palms and has its living Aboriginal history. They can be appreciated by taking a scenic flight, by four-wheel drive, or by foot.

A vast lake can also be found here; cruise along Lake Argyle, where you can view wildlife in its natural habitat like wetland birds, freshwater crocodile, wallabies, and dramatic cliffs.

Lake Kununurra is a long linear lake built to supply water to the Ord River Irrigation Area in the Ord River Valley formed in 1963, and where people go for canoeing.

Waterfalls including Middle Springs and Black Rock Falls along the same road Parry Creek Road are near to each other. The track to Middle Springs is very sandy and it is advisable to go by a four-wheel drive, also to Black Rock, especially in the wet season.

Middle Springs is a huge grassy edged pool where families go for picnics. Smaller pools are there during the dry season with the waterfalls above the main pool.

Black Rock is a deep small pool with high or tall black cliffs. The waterfall here would dry up quick, but the water at the bottom will always stay.

Argyle Diamond Mine is owned by the RIO TINTO GROUP, a diversified mining company that also owns the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada and the Murowa Diamond Mine in Zimbabwe. Noted for being the first successful commercial diamond mine exploiting a volcanic pipe of lamproite, rather than the more usual kimberlitic pipe.

It is where you can find rare pink diamonds. Argyle is known to be the largest diamond producer in the world by volume, however it is set to close in 2018, due to its low proportion of gem-quality diamonds.

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Photo courtesy of www.discoveraustralia.com.au