Derby and Bucacaneer Archipelago information

enjoy the highest tides in Australia

Information on Derby! Derby is in the Kimberley region, it is between Darwin and Broome.

Derby Wharf on King Sound has the highest tides in Australia at 12 meters, where people fish. Derby is rich in cultural diversity with its local indigenous culture playing a large part in the community.

The Mowanjum Festival is held annually at Mowanjum Community and features a showcase of traditional art. Learn about Aboriginal leader and outlaw Jandamurra on the Pigeon Heritage Trail and discover the art of the Mowanjum Aboriginal Community. Discover about the Boab Prison tree, a large hollow Adansonia Gregorii tree in the South of Derby. It’s girth known to be 14 meters.

Buccaneer Archipelago features a group of islands that will allow you tours in the west coast of Australia. It is home of south sea farms and famous horizontal waterfalls. See how massive tidal movements force the seawater ‘waterfall’ through a narrow gap in the cliff walls.

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