Australian Helicopter Tours

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One of the best ways to see Australia is from the air. Joining a scenic flight by helicopter is a remarkable experience where the beauty of the city and coast leaves visitors with unforgettable memories.

Here are a few suggestions for Australian Helicopter Tours:

Great Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Flights

A breath-taking alternative to adventurous in-water activities and coral viewing vessels is to soar above it all in a helicopter for a spectacular birds eye view of the Great Barrier Reef!

Heli Magic offers a range of extremely popular scenic flights to suit all budgets. From the moment you lift off uninterrupted panoramic views, it provide a unique perspective of this stunning World Heritage Listed location.

The turquoise waters of the Coral Sea are alive with extensive coral formations. Spot turtles, rays, reef sharks and schooling fish.

Introductory Scenic Helicopter Flight:

$99pp (5 minutes flying time from Marine World)
A breath-taking, uninterrupted birds eye view of the reef.

Passenger and Weight Restrictions:

While bookings can be made for individuals to fly a minimum of 2 pax is normally required for the helicopter to operate.

Helicopters are subject to maximum weight loadings. Below is a guide to maximum weight loadings for various size machines.

3 seat: 240kg’s / 529 pounds
4 seat: 320kg’s / 705 pounds
6 seat: 490kg’s / 1080 pounds

Machines used include Robinson R44’s , Bell Jetrangers and Squirrels. The actual type of helicopter you will fly in depends on passenger numbers, total weights and individual aircraft availability.

Melbourne and Great Ocean Road Scenic Helicopter Flights

Heli Experiences is more than just a helicopter company, they believe in hospitality!

The most popular helicopter tours are the 30-Minute Scenic Flight Around Melbourne which is a two-hour tour.

Relax and enjoy a sparkling wine in the VIP departure lounge , depart Essendon Heliport then fly down the Melbourne Cup home straight and see Melbourne's great sporting venues, city and coastal sights including flying over the Bolte and Westgate Bridges to Williamstown, tracking along the picturesque Port Phillip Bay coastline from Saint Kilda to Black Rock before heading back to controlled Melbourne City airspace, Docklands, Albert Park and Rod Laver Arena.

Circle the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground and finish with a scenic city orbit enjoying skyscraper views that ensure an unforgettable memory. Return Limousine transfers available at great rates although for an additional cost.

Great Ocean Road Sights Tour is a five hour tour, that maximizes your leisure time touring the greatest helicopter adventures in the world.

Enjoy luxury vehicle transfers from city hotels to the VIP departure lounge at the heliport and fly along the stunning Great Ocean Road coastline, taking in all the sights including the Otway's wilderness to the 12 Apostles. Then land directly next to the 12 Apostles boardwalk at Edge Helipad for ground sightseeing of these iconic coastal rock formations and a light picnic lunch.

Marvel at all the sights and photographic opportunities as you then experience a 12 Apostles Scenic flight.

Do not spend eight hours on the road, your private helicopter will get you there in just over an hour and whisk you back to Melbourne by mid afternoon so you can enjoy everything else Melbourne has to offer. Recommendations and choice of add-on ground Australia tours are available.

Please visit the website for a full range of products with instant online confirmations and vouchers.

Heli Experiences welcomes same day bookings, however are subject to availability.

Shipwreck Coast Scenic Flights

Take to the skies in a chopper, seaplane or even an old Tigermoth for a bird's eye view of the stunning south west coastline.

Flights can be taken from various points at the 12 Apostles and will take you over the ocean and along the Shipwreck Coast – a truly stunning sight from the air. Take full advantage of whale watching season, and watch blue whales and southern rights from the sky also off the coast of Portland for an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Join 12 Apostles Helicopters for a breath-taking flight over the most beautiful scenery in Australia. Perhaps a journey over the 12 Apostles, a flight to the Bay of Islands via London Bridge, or take in the beauty of the entire Shipwreck Coast all the way to the Cape Otway Lighthouse. 12 Apostles Helicopters offers the highest level of safety and service to make this a day you will never forget.

Adventure Flight Co offer aerobatic flights where you will fly in a Warbird WW2 Fighter Plan. The CJ6 seats a pilot plus one passenger for an unforgettable experience where you can accelerate from zero to 300 kilometres per hour in under five seconds. Loop, roll, dive and spin - a tailored aerial ride of a lifetime.

The combat flights are designed to take you and a friend to 5,000 feet in ex-military fighter aircraft. Loop, zoom and attack your foe in identical aircraft until smoke plumes out and you have kill. Purchase either a single flight and we will match you to another flyer or go head to head with a friend.

For a completely difference flying experience you can enjoy the scenic Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road views from the Biplane open cockpit Grumman Agcat. Originally designed for punishing crop dusting, this seats two passengers. Dress up like the aces of yesteryear, complete with goggles, scarf and flying jacket. Flying at sunset is truly romantic.