How big is Australia?

the map of Australia

How big is Australia? Australia is seriously big! It is as big as France, Germany, Ecuador, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Romania, New Zealand, West Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, South Korean, Austria, Albania, South Africa, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, West Timor, Greece, Denmark and Singapore combined. Now that is huge! Just take this into account when planning your trip to Australia.

The Indian and Pacific Oceans surround the country and the main cities are Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Alice Springs and Hobart.

Australia is known for iconic visions such as the Outback, Ayers Rock, the Great Ocean Road, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and of course, the unique wildlife such as the Kangaroo and Koala. Great Australia adventure tours usually includes these picturesque places.

In regards to the actual size, it is 7,692,024 square kilometres. The coast line is 35,876 km and there is another 23,859 of island coastlines too.

The country from the Gold Coast to Perth for example is 3627.65 km.

As we said - Australia is seriously big! You need as much time as you can spare, so plan for a big holiday when you come to the land down under.