Facts About Accommodation at Kakadu National Park

tent for an adventure in Kakadu

Kakadu National Park is a wild and scenic place with no major cities so you’ll find your accommodation options aren’t as varied as they would be if you stuck to the main Australian tourist cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Darwin.

But that is where the fun begins! Adventures Beyond specializes in adventure tours across Australia from the East Coast to the West Coast, and stretching from the Northern Territory to the sights of Tasmania so you can be rest assured that we have included excellent accommodation in all our packages – including our tours to Kakadu National Park.

What type of accommodation is there at Kakadu?

Camping: Kakadu has many options for camping – at park-run camping sites or you can stay at commercial campgrounds. You can camp at:

  • Free bush camping sites with no facilities and they can only be reached by 4WD.
  • Pay campgrounds with self-composting toilets
  • Commercial campgrounds with facilities such as showers, toilets, BBQ areas, swimming pools and sometimes restaurants.

The park-run camping in Kakadu has no booking or reservation system – first in, first served!

Wild bush camping is not permitted, you must stay at the designated camping areas.

Camping is varied throughout Kakadu but includes options in the regions of South Alligator, Jabiru, Nourlangie, Jim Jim and Twin Falls and Mary River.

Hotels, motels and cabins: Kakadu also offers self-contained cabins such as Kakadu Lodge and Anbinik Kakadu Resort (Jabiru region), motel and backpacker accommodation at Goymarr Tourist Park (Mary River region) and hotels such as the unique crocodile-shaped Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn (Jabiru region).

What accommodation does Adventures Beyond use at Kakadu?

To keep our pricing competitive and allow you to experience this region at a great price, most of our tours feature bush camping or camping at private campsites with camping fees and equipment included.

Our 5-Day Best of the Top End Safari Tour is a tiny slice of style with accommodation in safari tents or air-conditioned lodge rooms, and our 6-Day Kakadu and Darwin to Alice Spring Adventure has a mixture of accommodation including camping at campsites and a cattle station and an overnight hotel stay in Darwin.

Regardless of your accommodation preference, it’s vital to understand that we operate adventure tours. So to ensure the best value for our customers, we do incorporate camping to keep costs down and really allow you to experience the landscape and surrounding scenic beauty.

Do I need to bring any of my own equipment for camping?

We include camping equipment, the camp fees and a pillow so you often only need to bring a sleeping bag or we can rent one to you for AUD$10.

Ready to go? Book your Kakadu tour now! Visit our Kakadu Adventure Tours page for more descriptions of each tour ranging from 2-Days to 6-Days.

Facts About Accommodation at Kakadu National Park