Kimberley Tours and Attractions

the amazing Kimberley Adventure Tours

Exploring the attractions in the Kimberley Region are made available by Adventures Beyond on their awesome Kimberley adventure tours.

• Broome / Broome’s Cable Beach - Enjoy a camel ride as the sunsets over the Indian Ocean, along Broome Cable Beach. Broome was one of the world’s centre for the pearling industry. Today you can tour a pearl farm, visit a pearling museum, sea headstones dedicated to some 900 Asian pearl divers and buy pearls.
• At Gantheaume Point, 130 million year old dinosaur footprints can be seen, preserved in rock. Between March to October, for three nights a month, to enjoy in Town Beach, people can view “Staircase to the Moon” which is an amazing silvery illusion created by a rising full moon reflecting off the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay.
• As night falls, one can enjoy movies under the stars in Broome’s Outdoor Picture Garden.

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